I entered the KelbyOne Competition!

So, I was watching Kelby One, The Grid the other day and there was talk of a new idea that Scott Kelby’s wife, Kalebra, had suggested whereby they ran a regular competition for Kelby One members to enter. This competition was for the winner and their spouse/partner to be flown at Kelby One’s expense to their offices in Florida where a gallery of 14 of their images would be set up for viewing and they would be interviewed by Scott.  Hotel and flights paid for too.

I have never entered anything like this before but thought, what the hell, let’s give it a go. I don’t yet have a professional portfolio site and have just a Flickr, 500px and Instagram account. My Flickr and 500px have rather a lot of images so I thought I would use my Instagram account which has around 70 photos or so of my best shots. I only recently created the Instagram account once I found I could use Gramblr to upload images direct from my PC.  If you haven’t tried Gramblr I recommend you getting it – it is free to set up and easy to use. Here is a link to download it from the Gramblr site:

Anyway I have sent off my application, the deadline being 15th January and the competition closes on 1st February. I am not expecting to win but it would be so cool!  Entries carry over to the next one they run so only one submission was needed. Who knows, it could happen!

Also, if you haven’t checked out KelbyOne‘s site and what they have on offer, I recommend you take a look. They have a lot of resources for subscribed members including courses on everything from video editing and set up, photography composition, portraiture, landscape, processing and editing, various software applications such as Photoshop, Lightroom etc to free online magzines for Photoshop and Lightroom plus a forum to discuss the courses plus some freebies for members only. It is a fantastic site and not too expensive to subscribe.  They also offer some resources for non-members. The first time we came across KelbyOne was watching their show “The Grid” which covers a lot of topics – we used to mainly watch for their photo critiques – basically anyone could send in 3-5 photos and they stood a chance of having them critiqued during the show. Anyway, go take a look, I am sure you will enjoy!

Till next time…

Jenn 🙂


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