Infrared Photography Test Run – Jenn

This weekend was all about infrared. A few weeks ago I bought Jon and me an infrared converted Canon camera each so we could really try out infrared photography. In the past, we had bought filters to fit one of our lenses, but this wasn’t a great way of getting good results given you cannot set up your shot through the viewfinder as the shot is too dark.  You also need to have your shutter open for a length of time to let enough light in – and that takes guesswork to get the right amount and also means if it is a windy day you are going to get a lot of movement in trees and shrubs which can ruin the effect.  The other problem is you cannot check out  your composition until the shot has been taken and then you have to try and recompose and retake the shot and repeat until you are happy with the result – so a lot of trial and error.

The converted cameras meant we could take photos as we normally would and compose and set up the shot and be able to see what we were taking. We played about a fair bit with custom white balance – taking a photo of grass and setting the WB to that as we had read this was the correct thing to do.  Unfortunately didn’t realise this until Sunday!  So Saturday, our first trial day, was a bit of a write off. The shots weren’t great and the location wasn’t much better.

However, Sunday came and we had high hopes as the forecast was for a nice sunny day. Looked out of the window into a really misty street and thought uh oh, how is that going to work with infrared?  We decided to go for it regardless and see what happened.  But we did also take our 6D cameras as well, in the hope that if the infrared shots were rubbish we still might get some normal shots with the 6D so the trip wouldn’t be a complete waste!

Stodmarsh and Grove Ferry were gorgeous in the mist.  Took a few shots with both cameras and I was actually pleased with some of the results once processing was done.  Am finding it a lot of trial and error in editing. Once the red and blue channels have been reversed, it then takes a lot of tweaking to get that shot looking good.  One of the shots is in the main feature image at the head of this post. Here are a couple more 🙂 These are all from Stodmarsh Nature Reserve.


I also took some shots with the fantastic Canon 6D full frame and my go to lens – the 24-105mm f4 L.  Here are the results, the first one is Grove Ferry and the river Stour and the others are Stodmarsh again:-



I am really looking forward to getting out and taking more shots in general and also using the infrared again.  I think it is going to take some practice getting used to editing the shots and tweaking them. I just love the surreal and dreamy look I managed to get with these.  Spring will be great once the trees are all sprouting lots of leaves.

I loved the normal shots from the 6D too – the mist was great for that atmospheric feel.

These shots were all taken at Grove Ferry and in Stodmarsh Nature Reserve, only a few miles from our doorstep and a really peaceful place to visit.  We even had a little inquisitive robin come by to see what we were doing!

Till next time…


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