My personal landscape mission for this year – Jon

This year is the year I really want to fine tune everything I have learnt about landscape photography up until now. I feel like my composition is my biggest issue, this I really need to concentrate on more when setting up my shots.Along with that I need to take more photos… that may sound strange but basically I am a 1 shot type of guy, see my subject, see the shot, take the shot and then walk away. Instead I should walk around the subject where possible and check for more angles and also differences in background/foreground items.

Tripod, now this is something I really do need to glue to the bottom of my camera, I am very guilty of being lazy and just hand holding nearly every landscape shot I have taken. This is in part to do with being self-conscious for some silly reason and also to do with being lazy, both things I need to get over and get on with.

Landscapes are my passion and the main area where I really want to become proficient and comfortable. Concentrating on our local surrounding areas is a good place to start and really get our teeth into, but with our holiday planned to be in Wales again this year I want to be in good habits before the trip as I can’t just pop back and take them again.

So with filters cleaned, lenses packed and tripod at the ready let’s get the year underway and see what we can get.

Results to follow…


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