New Year, New Project – Planet Thanet!

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Well, I think we mentioned a new project in our first post in this blog. Today we made a start. We want to produce a book of our photos but we also wanted a fresh start and fresh photos to work with rather than revisiting old shots. So we were up fairly early as we wanted to hit Margate when there weren’t too many people about. We drove down and parked up around 8.30 after the sun was up and it was very quiet – it was still very quiet when we left sometime later! Margate was officially dead this morning – it was a bit depressing in a way to see what seaside towns are like in the winter. Empty and deserted with everyone hitting Westwood Cross shopping centre instead. It does make me wonder how shop owners keep going during the winter months. It is a shame as there are so many unusual and unique little shops and cafes to be found around the Old Town and harbour.

However, the sun was out for a while but cloud was drifting in fast from Ramsgate direction so we made the most of the time to get some shots. It was a warmer day today, but felt cold as it was also very windy along the coast.  We got a fair amount of shots of the pier and harbour in the sunshine.

The plan for the photo book is to document our home town and the rest of dear old “Planet Thanet” as it is affectionately know by the locals.  This means photographing Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Cliftonville, Margate, Westgate and Birchington plus any coastline in between.  We want it to be not just about the gorgeous coastline around here and the stunning sunsets and sunrises we enjoy a lot, but also other aspects of each town – things to do, places to eat, quirky shops and locations.

A great spot to visit is the Turner Contemporary Gallery which is free to enter and has lots of fantastic exhibitions. It is also an unusual design – some love it, some hate it. It makes a great counterpart though to the older information building that sits right next to it, see the pics below.

Across the road from these buildings is The Old Kent Market which used to be The Parade cinema and has retained some of its features.  A place to find great food, clothes and trinkets from independent sellers. There is even a double decker bus selling teas and coffees.


So this was a little taste of our wander round Old Town Margate and its harbour. It was a bit of a flying visit as the weather wasn’t great, so we will be back for more at some point.

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