The Canon 80-200mm f2.8L Magic Drainpipe

Sandwich party 80-200mm

The Canon 80-200 f2.8 L is a golden oldie, production having stopped on this lens back in 1995!  I bought this lens in 2013 as it was a steal on Ebay for around £360 if i remember correctly. I haven’t really ever used it and it keeps getting lost in the cupboard. The only time it got an outing was a little walk around the quay in Sandwich.

80-200 f2.8

The lens is a tad on the heavy side but with a saving of £400 – £500 is worth the little bit of weight.  The reason i havent been using it is because I already have a 100-400mm f5.6L and never felt the need to take my 80-200 out for landscapes. I also wanted the longer reach for Motorsports.

However, having played with the 80-200mm and my extenders, I find that with a 1.4x extender on the lens happily stays at f2.8 and when I switch it to the 2x extender it drops a couple of stops to f5.6. This makes it a viable choice to be used for street and Motorsports photography.

The next outing we go on I am going to purely shoot with the 80-200 with no extenders and see what I can capture, whether it be landscapes or urban. I think the biggest challenge I will face is my own ability to see things in a way artists do, like a shape in brickwork or furniture, which is why i usually stick to wide open landscape shots which are normally very minimalist.

This is just one of the things on the list to work on this year along with fine tuning what I already know to get images sharper, clearer and compositionally correct.

So this weekend, weather being kind, I will take her out for a spin and see what I come back with.

So until then, be safe and have fun.


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