A little blurb for the middle of the week, telephoto issues

margate turner centre

In my last post I said I was going to take my telephoto 80-200mm lens out for a landscape trip. Having never attempted landscapes with a telephoto it was time to give it a go and see what happens.

Well for starters it struggles on my Canon 6D. Working perfectly for a while it then locks up the entire camera. The only way to resolve the lock is to remove the lens. I think i may have to look into using the tape trick and see if that resolves the problem.

The other issue I discovered about shooting landscapes with a telephoto is that if the sky has hardly any detail the shots are extremely dull. When shooting with my ultra wide there is normally something up there to pull out in post processing, even if it is just a vapour trail or couple of patches of light in the clouds.

I have to say that the landscape shots ive seen with telephoto’s have earned a bit of extra respect after trying it out, but deep down I am a ultrawide shooter and will stick to that with the occasional dabble here and there with the 80-200mm or my 100-400mm.

So whats coming up this weekend? I have a head cold which i am hoping to shift before tomorrow as we are off to Motorline Skoda in Canterbury too have a VIP showing of the new Kodiaq, we are both looking forward to that very much being huge Skoda fans and who knows might have a change of car very soon.

Saturday / Sunday Jenn has a special mission to carry out, I will not say what it is on here as it is her project,  I am sure there will a full detailed post at some point over the weekend explaining it all and showing some results. Weather allowing (possible snow forecast) there should be some cracking photos coming this way soon.

The featured image on this post is off the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate. Taken with the Canon 16-35mm.

Speak soon, have fun and be safe out there.


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