Up and Out for another Sunrise

Well the sunrises are getting earlier and earlier which means soon Jon and I will not be getting up to take them! At the moment it isn’t too bad getting up for a local shot in Thanet. We can rise at a fairly respectable time of 5.45-6.00am and rush down to one of our local beaches in plenty of time to get set up and ready to capture the moment.

So that is what we did this morning – the weather forecast had looked promising with a mostly sunny day so we thought we would have some clear skies and actually get to see the sun this week!

However once we were up and out to the car it was obvious it probably wasn’t going to happen that way! Plenty of mist about this morning.  We still went ahead and drove down to Kingsgate Bay near the Captain Digby pub, making use of the pub carpark and then taking the pretty treacherous and steep chalk path down to the beach. No gear or limbs broken and we were there.

It was starting to get lighter, no sign of any colour in the sky at all, the mist was completely blanking out anything good.  I pottered about taking a few test shots and trying to see if anything could be salvaged from the trip. Set up and grabbed a few shots then as the tide had moved further out we could walk round the cliffs to Kingsgate Bay beach and see what else we could see.

We passed through the cave and there was still some water and rocks with a view through to the cliffs the other side. It looked promising, so definitely worth a shot or two.

Out the other side to Kingsgate Bay and a short wander along the beach. There were a few dogwalkers about by now and we bumped into a photographer out walking his dog that we had met a couple of weeks ago at Botany Bay. Time for a quick chat and then another beach walker appeared who turned out to be an old friend of Jon’s who he used to skateboard with and who had moved away from the area. He was back for a visit with his parents and out for a stroll. Small world.

Final shot of Jon to test out my Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L that I have not yet used and we were done. Time for home and some coffee and toast!

Here’s hoping we actually get some sun at the weekend soon! The life of a landscape photographer – get up early and hope for the best!

Till next time…


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