Jenn’s New Portfolio

Well it is the weekend again and we haven’t yet been out to take any photos.  The weather has been pretty good all week but typically, now it is the weekend, it was grim and grey out there all day with flat grey clouds. Needless to say, we didn’t get up for a sunrise as there wouldn’t have been any sun!

Instead, I spent my day re-editing photos from the last 7 years, carefully going through them to find the ones I really like and that I wanted to include in a portfolio.

Currently I have 18 colour and 17 black and white shots on the site. I want to keep the portfolio to a select number, probably about 20 of each should do it.

Really happy with how the site has turned out. I have used my free myportfolio site that comes with Adobe CC membership. Why not take a look yourself here if you are a budding photographer. You can’t beat the photoshop/lightroom package. 🙂

So, my portfolio is ready (I think!). Take a visit and let me know what you think – JennTurner portfolio

Hoping Sunday will bring better weather. Keeping everything crossed!

Until next time…


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6 thoughts on “Jenn’s New Portfolio”

  1. Hello J2. Found your site by chance, courtesy of the mention in the Promote Thanet blog.
    Just wanted to say that I am very impressed with the clarity and layout of your own blog and especially the quality of your own portfolio photographs.
    Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Hi Colin, thanks very much for your kind words. You are our first person to leave a comment! Thank you for adding us as a link on your blog. Hadn’t realised anyone was really paying attention 🙂 Nice to see we are getting some visitors. The blog is a way of making us get out there to take shots so we have something to write about! The weather isn’t helping much at the moment though, but it won’t be long until we can pop out straight after work for some sunsets. Look forward to checking back in on your blog 🙂 – Jenn

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