Revisiting The Past

I had fun recently creating my first proper portfolio of my images from the last 7 years. See my last post about my portfolio.

Going back and revisiting shots taken from 2010 to the present was a great trip down memory lane. So many places we visited and lots of memories. It was great and got me yearning to get back out and revisit some of those locations and get more shots.

It also highlighted how much my photography has improved over that time and how much I have changed and developed my style. I feel I have really now found my own unique style when composing and editing shots.

Gone are the days of hideous, overcooked HDR shots! I also don’t take as many shots as I used to (I do still take a fair amount as I like to try out different positions and angles!). I am much better at thinking about and composing my shots now too. I get a lot more “keepers” now from a photo shoot than I used to.

However, a lot of my portfolio is composed of shots taken from 3 or 4 years back – I did manage to grab a few good ‘uns back then 🙂  It was more about the editing – I went through reviewing the shots and liking the original composition but hating the way I had edited the shot previously – choosing to re-edit and ditch any HDRs I had opted for back then.

My portfolio showcases the ones that made it through, but there were a few that I re-edited that I like but that did not make it to the portfolio because of subject matter/location. I chose the portfolio to showcase photographs from seaside locations through Thanet and East Kent as I wanted a theme to pull them together.

Here are some I re-edited from various locations and subject matter. Hope you enjoy!

And a final shot – a little clue to a new business venture, once I can get out and get some shots – damn this dreary weather!

I had a lot of fun going back through my external drives, seeking out those hidden gems and revisiting memories along the way. I recommend it, you never know what you might uncover!

Until next time…


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