Grey rainy Sunday. Here’s something to do – get insurance.

Jenn shooting westgate bay

Looking out the window and it is a pretty miserable Sunday. We are both wanting to get out and do some long exposures with some nice movement in the clouds. Well, that is the idea anyway but there is no definition up there right now.

It does seem that we get unlucky at weekends this time of year. Looking through old photographs from previous years there always seems to be the same struggle with the sky. Yet, annoyingly, I have sat in my work office looking out at beautiful Simpsons style clouds on a number of days over the last couple of weeks, wishing i could get out there.

So, what is there to do instead? Well recently we decided it was time to insure our camera gear – previously we have put it off as we thought it would be far too expensive, so we had a look. After googling for a while we found Eversure camera insurers; good feedback and reasonable rates,  We finally took the plunge. Paying out around £150 for a year’s coverage seemed like a lot. Then you think about how much it will cost if your camera bag gets stolen, or if you knock your camera with attached lens and tripod off a harbour wall or down a mountain (we are going to Wales in a  few months). It soon makes you realise how much more out of pocket you will be. With the Canon 6d being £1399 it means it will be 9 years before I am out of pocket on the body alone.

For the peace of mind it brings it is well worth doing.  I feel easier when we are out now and might even be a bit more willing to go out doing night shots around towns etc. in the future as well as being more adventurous with the sea and rivers (without putting myself in danger). Registering your products on Eversure is very simple. They have lists of pretty much all camera gear and you just register the serial number of that item. Another great thing about this is if anything does get stolen it makes it easier for the police to trace. If you have receipts and documentation, make them available as well. All we have are photos of the items showing the serial numbers, stored on our Onedrive accounts so we can access them from anywhere.

So there you are, something to do on a grey Sunday. If it brightens up later we will grab our gear and shoot out for a sunset.

Also to finish, I would like to thank Colin from for welcoming us to the blogging scene and being a gentleman. Why not check out his blog. 🙂



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