Long Exposure Photography – why have we not done more?

The weather has not been co-operating this year to allow us to get out and about with our cameras as much as we want and it has been really frustrating.  As a consequence, we have been getting our photography “fix” by revisiting previous years’ photos to see if there are any we loved enough to re-edit.  Our styles have been developing over the years and the way we processed shots back then have changed considerably to how we would process them now (definitely for the better now!).

What has this got to do with the subject of Long Exposures you ask? Well, I have always thought long exposure shots have been done to death, you see so many, probably because they look awesome. However, going through my collection I noticed I have hardly taken any. I bought an ND10 filter (big stopper as it is also known) ages ago to allow me to take those long exposure shots during daytime, but have hardly used it. Jon is the same – very few photos.  Some of my long exposures are simply because I was shooting at sunrise with very low light so I needed to have the shutter open for longer to capture the image, resulting in water being smoothed out.  There were not that many deliberate long exposure shots.

Our aim is to remedy that. We are both armed with our filters in our camera bags ready to whip them out at the right moment. Just need the right weather now so we can do so.

Today I opened the curtains to another grim and grey day, sigh. One day, hopefully soon, we will get lucky.

In the meantime, here are the few long exposure shots I have taken! Hope you enjoy.

Till next time…


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