Cheeky Mid Week Sunset Shoot

Well, almost mid-week. Thursday I shut down the work laptop, grabbed our camera bags and picked Jon up straight from work so we could go get ourselves a sunset on camera.

The weather had been lovely and, having kept all our fingers and toes crossed all day (made work challenging!) the weather held for us into the evening. We popped to nearby Margate to get set up as we have never really taken any sunset shots around the harbour, despite having been doing photography for nearly 7 years and Margate being our stomping ground. Such slackers!

The skies were pretty good up until actual sunset but the golden hour after was not really there. The colours faded out and we came away a little earlier than intended. But we did get some good shots.

I was keen to try some long exposure, but unfortunately my remote trigger was not playing ball. I had not used it for some time, but was sure I had it set up correctly. New batteries in each piece but it wasn’t triggering the shutter. I then rooted around in my camera bag for my cheap little remote trigger but it was nowhere to be found, despite having it the last time we were out. (I actually found it in a coat pocket when I got home, not much use when I was trying to take long exposure shots down on Margate beach!)

Instead, I made do with the 2 second delay setting on my camera and taking shots at f/22 and 50/100 ISO so I could get longer exposures up to a maximum of 30 seconds. Not quite what I had in mind as I wanted to use my ND10 filter, but it did at least smooth the water out on some shots.

Oh well, there will be another time and place to take the long exposure shots. The back up cheap remote trigger is now back in my camera bag! And Jon is trying to work out what I did wrong with the other while I am typing this! 🙂

Anyway, here is the outcome of all this messing about – some shots from the sunset shoot.

The above shot was taken with my Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 lens zoomed in. These two people are actually both adult men but the compression from the zoom has altered the perspective a little! Hence one giant man and one tiny one. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed them. Roll on next week for more sunsets 🙂  Till then…


P.S. The remote trigger problem was me being a numpty and forgetting I needed a cable from the piece that sits on my camera hotshoe and connects to the camera. However, I cannot find the damn cable (it is tiny) so the lovely Jon is ordering a replacement for me and a similar remote set up for himself while he is doing that! (At least the problem is solved and the cable is cheap.) 😉

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