Another week over…

Here we are at Friday again. This week has flown by, which is good in a way but scary in another how quickly time is passing by.  My 50th birthday is fast approaching – how the hell can I be 50?! My parents always used to say time will pass quicker the older you get and boy, they weren’t wrong!

Nothing big planned for my birthday – out for a meal with some family – my mum-in-law shares the same birthday so we are celebrating together.  Then a special little trip away for just me and Jon over the Easter weekend. We aren’t venturing far – just a small little house out in the countryside to hopefully enjoy the scenery and take some shots. Looking forward to a change of scene.

This week has been a bit busy in the evenings and we haven’t had time to venture out for a sunset until last night. The weather was promising if a little hazy and we popped back down to Margate and the beach. This time we moved a little further along to where the sundeck used to be (miss that a lot) and the swimming pool which is still there thankfully.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a great sunset, no fluffy clouds to reflect the light, a bank of dark cloud on the horizon which the sun disappeared behind pretty quickly but I did get a few shots from it. We stayed on for quite a while after the sun went down but what little colour was left in the sky soon disappeared.

Here are my efforts from the shoot, really pleased with the overflow shot, I think that is my favourite 🙂

Hope you enjoy.

The above shot is the overfall from the swimming pool. A little picture in picture of the sunset. My favourite from the set.

Till next time…


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