The Internet for Live Streaming

Well, what a week so far.  We took Monday and Tuesday as holiday for starters as it was my 50th birthday on Tuesday – ouch!

We went out for a Mexican on Tuesday which was lovely – the diet had to take a back seat for a while!  What did we have? Well how about some food shots? Here they are: 🙂

Rum, peanut butter and banana milkshake! Yummy
Mexican Street Food – Tortilla stack with beef chilli, then Mini Chicken Burrito and finally Quesadillas with chicken and sweetcorn
To wrap it up, some delicious Churros with chocolate sauce

It was all pretty yummy. Will definitely be going back to the wonderful Chiquito‘s at Westwood Cross. Check it out if you haven’t already. Lots of other food, not just mexican.

We have also been investing a lot of time getting our stream set up again on Beam.  If you haven’t heard of it before then game streaming is a thing!

Beam is a website you can join and where you can stream a game you are playing live, so people can watch you and chat with you. This is the simple explanation – getting set up to stream is more involved with lots of individual components to set up to allow you to send your gameplay from your PC to the website.  But it is addictive and fun. As streamers, we get to have fun playing games and chatting with people from all over the world who we would never, ever, get to meet in real life.

And it leads to activities out in the real world with some of these people. We have had a few meet ups around the country with some of the people who watch our stream. So, we have made some new friends which is always good.

We stopped streaming last year after about a year of doing it. My mum was ill during the early part of last year with onset of dementia.  It was a tough time for her, and for me and my brother worrying about her and trying to help her. She passed away last May and Jon and I stepped away from streaming as we needed a break and time to grieve and sort everything out.

2017 has brought us to a better place from a health and mindset perspective. We are back into our photography once more which also stopped last year. And we felt ready to take the plunge back into the world of live streaming again.

We are to be found on Beam here (our name JJ-TV came about from combining our first names, Jon and Jenn, and it is short and catchy). Why not take a peek and see what it is all about and say hi? 🙂

The main image of this post above is our channel on Beam and what it looks like when we are live and playing. You get to see both our games and us on camera!

It has taken a lot to set it all up again and there is still more tweaking to do, so I better get back to creating some more graphics for the channel!

Until next time…


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