New Horizons!

Sorry for the long delay in posting. A lot has been happening in the last few weeks making this an uncertain time but also presenting some exciting opportunities.

At the grand age of 50 I will be setting out on a new adventure. For the past 14 years I have been working for a global manufacturing company within the learning sections of the finance/HR/Legal and IT departments. My job has in recent years comprised a move to recording and editing video for these learning academies Рrecording interviews, one-to-camera, roundtable and some short animations. I have also been developing my skills in producing imagery for internal websites and communications within the learning area.

The aim was to reduce costs for the company as employing external agencies for video work and website design was pretty pricey.  My then boss was all for it.

Moving on a couple of years and the company (some 130,000 employees globally) is looking to reduce costs further and streamline/standardise job roles within the company. Despite the value of my role, it is too unique to fit the company’s new model so I am being made redundant.

The cool thing about this is that I have been wanting to set up my own business but finding the time after finishing work, and also now we are streaming online via, has made it difficult to get things started.

The buffer I am going to get from my redundancy payout now means I will have the time to give this a try and see where it leads.

I am really excited and just hope making my hobby my work won’t kill the pleasure I get from photography. I will divulge more of the plan for the business soon.

I have a lot to learn but cannot wait to get started. Let’s see where this leads…

Until next time…


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