Welcome to J2images -our new photography blog!

Hi!  Welcome to our new blog site. Jon and I are a married couple who got into photography back in 2010 and have been completely hooked ever since.

However, 2016 was a lean year for photography because of a few issues in our personal life meaning we didn’t have time to spend getting out and about taking photos.

We want 2017 to be our fresh start getting back into all things photography and felt we wanted to create a blog site to share our trips out around Kent and further afield with you internet peeps!  So here it is – J2images!  We will be documenting our photography trips out and about, also covering any new equipment we buy with a very non-professional review! We never claim to be experts but we have been taking photos for some time and have learnt a lot and are happy to share our experience – but there is always still more to learn.

We are also working on a project for 2017 which will be creating a photo book of our home area which is the Isle of Thanet (Planet Thanet to the locals) – we want to take photos of all the local towns, beaches, interesting things, shops, food etc.  This project will also get included here as a selection of posts as we visit different locations.

So lots of things to look forward to in the coming year. Hope we get some people enjoying our experiences too!

Till next time…

Jenn 🙂

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