Easter break in Kent

Well to celebrate my 50th birthday, Jon and I are popping down to Romney for a couple of nights over Easter, leaving on Good Friday through to Easter Sunday. We have found a tiny cottage in a quiet location where we can chill out and spend the day exploring and taking photos. We might even … Continue reading “Easter break in Kent”

Grey rainy Sunday. Here’s something to do – get insurance.

Looking out the window and it is a pretty miserable Sunday. We are both wanting to get out and do some long exposures with some nice movement in the clouds. Well, that is the idea anyway but there is no definition up there right now. It does seem that we get unlucky at weekends this … Continue reading “Grey rainy Sunday. Here’s something to do – get insurance.”

A little blurb for the middle of the week, telephoto issues

In my last post I said I was going to take my telephoto 80-200mm lens out for a landscape trip. Having never attempted landscapes with a telephoto it was time to give it a go and see what happens. Well for starters it struggles on my Canon 6D. Working perfectly for a while it then … Continue reading “A little blurb for the middle of the week, telephoto issues”

Welcome to J2images -our new photography blog!

Hi!  Welcome to our new blog site. Jon and I are a married couple who got into photography back in 2010 and have been completely hooked ever since. However, 2016 was a lean year for photography because of a few issues in our personal life meaning we didn’t have time to spend getting out and … Continue reading “Welcome to J2images -our new photography blog!”