A little blurb for the middle of the week, telephoto issues

In my last post I said I was going to take my telephoto 80-200mm lens out for a landscape trip. Having never attempted landscapes with a telephoto it was time to give it a go and see what happens. Well for starters it struggles on my Canon 6D. Working perfectly for a while it then … Continue reading “A little blurb for the middle of the week, telephoto issues”

Botany Bay Sunrise

Well, it’s finally the weekend so it must be time for another trip out and another post. We were up at 6.00am this morning as we wanted to capture a sunrise and had decided on Botany Bay in Cliftonville for a change as there are some great chalk cliffs and stacks there to add some … Continue reading “Botany Bay Sunrise”

The Canon 80-200mm f2.8L Magic Drainpipe

The Canon 80-200 f2.8 L is a golden oldie, production having stopped on this lens back in 1995!  I bought this lens in 2013 as it was a steal on Ebay for around £360 if i remember correctly. I haven’t really ever used it and it keeps getting lost in the cupboard. The only time … Continue reading “The Canon 80-200mm f2.8L Magic Drainpipe”

New Year, New Project – Planet Thanet!

Well, I think we mentioned a new project in our first post in this blog. Today we made a start. We want to produce a book of our photos but we also wanted a fresh start and fresh photos to work with rather than revisiting old shots. So we were up fairly early as we wanted … Continue reading “New Year, New Project – Planet Thanet!”

My personal landscape mission for this year – Jon

This year is the year I really want to fine tune everything I have learnt about landscape photography up until now. I feel like my composition is my biggest issue, this I really need to concentrate on more when setting up my shots.Along with that I need to take more photos… that may sound strange … Continue reading “My personal landscape mission for this year – Jon”

Infrared Photography Test Run – Jenn

This weekend was all about infrared. A few weeks ago I bought Jon and me an infrared converted Canon camera each so we could really try out infrared photography. In the past, we had bought filters to fit one of our lenses, but this wasn’t a great way of getting good results given you cannot … Continue reading “Infrared Photography Test Run – Jenn”

I entered the KelbyOne Competition!

So, I was watching Kelby One, The Grid the other day and there was talk of a new idea that Scott Kelby’s wife, Kalebra, had suggested whereby they ran a regular competition for Kelby One members to enter. This competition was for the winner and their spouse/partner to be flown at Kelby One’s expense to … Continue reading “I entered the KelbyOne Competition!”

Welcome to J2images -our new photography blog!

Hi!  Welcome to our new blog site. Jon and I are a married couple who got into photography back in 2010 and have been completely hooked ever since. However, 2016 was a lean year for photography because of a few issues in our personal life meaning we didn’t have time to spend getting out and … Continue reading “Welcome to J2images -our new photography blog!”